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About us

Alcobond Manufacturing FZ LLC is a state of the art Coil Coating Line located in the Al Ghail Freezone Area of Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.

Aluminum Composite Panels have extremely high finish requirements, with absolutely no permissible colour variation, and no tolerance for lines, vibration marks, bubbles or irregular application of paint. The Alcobond Coil Coating Line is designed especially for the higher end market, unlike other GI coating lines whose products have considerable vibration marks on the surface of the paint.

Our plant possesses the capacity to coat approximately 12,000 tons of coil per annum. The coating machine has a special 4 roller coating head to achieve the highest standards of quality, and the coating section is completely enclosed in glass and air-conditioned, to prevent any pollution and to maintain paint viscosity. The oven temperature is digitally controlled to maintain a perfectly uniform temperature, and hence ensures virtually no colour variation. All our vital components such as drives are housed in air-conditioned rooms to prevent any malfunction and hence adverse effects on quality.

Our factory is equipped with a state of the art in-house laboratory to test coated coils to ISO, ASTM and DIN standards. Our latest model Datacolor spectrophotometer is directly linked to our coating partners Beckers Group for extremely uniform, superior quality.

Alcobond Coil Coating has highly experienced and motivated staff, including our plant manager with over 25 years of experience in the coating industry, and all other key technical staff possess a minimum of 10 years of experience in the industry.

Production Philosophy

Our philosophy is to supply quality at any cost without any compromise, and through a multilayer quality system, we ensure that nothing substandard leaves our factory.
On arrival all coils are visually inspected, and tested for T-Bend under ECCA Standard T-7. The Erichsen cupping test under ECCA Standard ECCA T-6 is also performed. The coils are also inspected for any oxidation and white rust. Only the best material that passes all tests is allowed to be coated.
Alcobond has an online link with Beckers Group, our paint coating partner, to ensure we use paints of the highest quality, with virtually no colour variation. We have in-house tinting and mixing facilities.
Manufacturing Step, Cleaning
Step 1: Cleaning
The coil passes through especially designed 3 stage degreasing slots using the finest Henkel degreasing chemicals, followed by a 3 stage rinsing process to ensure that it is completely oil and pollution free. Thereafter chrome pre-treatment is carried out for high corrosion resistance and high paint adhesion.
Manufacturing Step, Coating
Step 2: Coating
Primer coating and top coating is carried out on a digitally controlled 4 reverse roller machine.
Manufacturing Step, Baking
Step 3: Baking
The coil is then baked in a state of the art, digitally temperature controlled oven to ensure paint consistency and uniformity.
Manufacturing Step, Quality Inspection
Step 4: Final Quality Inspection
It then passes through the Line Quality Controller’s station, where at any point in time, two line QCs are on duty. Thereafter final tests are performed in the laboratory before any packing and delivery of coated coils is allowed.

Product Specifications

Aluminium Composite Panels
Interior Ceilings
Sandwich panels
Roofing Panels
Rolling shutters
Cold storage
Lighting fixtures
Available Paint Systems
PVDF, 2, 3 and 4 coat system
High Durable Polyester
Standard Polyester
Finished Product Specifications
Pre-painted Aluminium Coils as per ISO, ASTM, DIN, and ECCA standards.

Finished Product Specifications
Quality Specifications
Product Quality Specifications
Product Industry Certifications

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